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Genre Defying and explosive, Jerusalem’s Ryskinder (AKA Asaf Eden) melts together Psych Rock, Hip Hop and electronic music.

He has been perfecting his sound for more than a decade of recording, releasing albums and preforming live.

Pulsing with powerful Middle Eastern groove, loopy Hebrew Rap

And lyrics touching both the political and the surreal in a trademark poetic style,

Ryskinder is considered one of the most acclaimed voices in Israel's alternative music scene and his unique sound is getting more and more attention worldwide.

Ryskinder released 6 albums independently and on Israeli independent labels "Chompi Records" and "Uganda Records".

His Latest E.P - "Depths of the Short Memory" was released on December 2018 on Dutch label "Stoked 7"

His first compilation album "Rak Lhitim" is due to be released this summer on Burger Records \ Baby Satan Records

 Like his music but with more of an emphasis on aggressive groove,

Ryskinder live shows are Genre Defying and explosive.

He has Played Live in numerous venues and music festivals in Israel 

And toured Europe extensively both alone and with his live band - Ryskinder & the New Age.

Also playing support for the bands "Mac de marco", "Dirty Beaches", "Psychic Ills" and "Jeffery Lewis" in Tel Aviv.


He is currently living in Berlin.

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